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Hi, my name is Johanna Marie King and I am the Founder of God is Glamorous. I am also Christian Artist, Ministry Leader and Bible Teacher/ God is Glamorous is not only a Women's Ministry, it's also a Christian Mentoring and Coaching Program that helps women create flourishing ministries as well as profitable, Christ Centered Companies.


I have earned a Master's Degree in Christian Ministry with High Honors and Distinction and it is my passion to share the gospel and make Disciples of Jesus Christ, while encouraging others do the same. 

Not only do I specialize in sharing the gospel, I also have over 10+ years of experience with Videography, Photography, Website Design, Graphic Design, Social Media, Content Creation and so much more!

If you'd like to work me to help you expand your ministry or business then click the button below to schedule a Complimentary strategy call!

Johanna Marie King God is Glamorous


To make disciples of Kingdom Women who delight themselves in the Lord through Discipleship, Deliverance and Dominion


To raise up a global community of Virtuous Women who win the world to Christ through the glamorous lifestyle that God has blessed them with.


1. Kingdom Minded: We seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added to us

2. Christ Centeredness: Jesus is the reason for everything that we do. We believe there is power and true transformation in His name

3. Evangelism: We win souls for Christ through the glamorous and abundant life that God has blessed us with

4. Bible Based: The word of God guide us in everything we do

5. Generosity: We believe that God blesses us to be a blessing to others. We are cheerful and generous givers

6. Prosperity: We believe that God desires for to walk within abundance, prosperity and favor for His glory

7. Sparkle: We do not shrink back to make others comfortable. We let our light shine so that others may see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven.

8. Excellence: We do all things with excellence, as though we are working for the Lord, rather than for men

9. Prayer: We pray about everything, talk to God often and wait and listen for Him to respond

10. Favor: We believe that when we are obedient and fear God, then He will bless us with supernatural and abundant favor


Although I had accepted Christ at an early, age, I was what you would consider a "lukewarm" Christian. Even though I confessed Jesus as my Lord and savior, I was still one of those Christians that picked and chose what I wanted to follow in the bible. Additionally, before rededicating my life back to Christ, I still engaged in sex before marriage and eventually, I ended up pregnant. When I found out that I was pregnant for the first time, I was terrified and decided to have an abortion. I asked God for forgiveness, He forgave me and I promised that I would never have another abortion. Unfortunately however, that promise fell through and a few years later, I ended up pregnant again.

When I found out that I was pregnant for the second time, I was terrified because I knew that I had promised God that I would never have another abortion. Although I recognized the promise that I made, I believed at the time that mentally, I would not be ready to go through with the pregnancy, and eventually, I made the decision to have another abortion.

The second abortion, however, was different than the first one. I ended up falling into a deep dark depression and I became extremely suicidal. I began to feel so much guilt and shame and felt as though I no longer deserved to live. I felt as though the only way to pay for my sins was to take my own life. The enemy began to plant thoughts into my mind and began to feed me ideas of how to take my own life. After being tormented by the enemy with thoughts of how to take my own life, I decided to seek help.

I began to look for help within the world first. I was recommended to a counselor where I told her everything that happened, however, I felt as though she was judging me. As I shared my story with her, I felt as though she was more concerned with what I was wearing as she continuously looked me up and down. After my first and last counseling session, God led me to seek help from the church.

I learned about a "Post Abortive" 6-week course that my church was hosting and I decided to enroll. Needless to say, enrolling in the course changed my entire life. Although I learned about the transformative power of Jesus Christ and how he died on the cross for my sins, it never felt relevant until I was desperately in need of forgiveness.

I believed that God was mad at me and that He would never forgive me for having two abortions, however, that was all a lie from the enemy. After that course, I rededicated my life back to God, got baptized again and made a promise (that I have not broken) to God that I was pursue sexual purity until marriage.

God transformed me, healed me and made me new and I now, I preach and teach the gospel and share His redemptive power and love with the world. I am now a Bible Teacher and Christian artist with a passion to share the love of Christ with the entire world. 

Jesus saves. He restores. He sets captives free. I am living proof.

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